A solo exhibition of The Simple Society.
September 17 – October 16, 2016
at PANTALOON(Nakatsu, Osaka)
Built by: Mathias Geoffroy
Photography: Yohey Goto

We tried to explore the fundamental concept of ‘Curse’ from a point of view of ‘Design’. For that, we physicalized the process of ‘Curse’ which transforms from a Metaphysical concept into the reality and effects our decision making and recognition of the situation.

For that, we build the site-specific sound and typographic installations in the space.

For the opening performance, we collaborated with Jun Kawasaki, a Japanese composer and a contrabass player. And for the closing ceremony, we invited Yoshinori Henguchi, a poet and an artist for the poetry reading session to cancel the gravity of the curse. We proposed some combination of words and he deconstructed the meaning of these words and context by making a poem out of them.