A solo exhibition of The Simple Society.
September 17 – October 16, 2016
at PANTALOON(Nakatsu, Osaka)
Built by: Mathias Geoffroy
Performance: Jun Kawasaki (composer, contrabass player), Yoshinori Henguchi (poet and performance artist)
Photography: Yohey Goto
Filming: TSW
Film editing: Fredrik Backhed

The exhibition explores the fundamental meaning of ‘Curse’ from a graphic designers perspective. A curse, which creates its own context around us, transforms metaphors to reality and changes our decision making and perception. For example, once you received anonymous mail, a piece of paper with ‘Dark Hair’, you must be suggested by this word and it will change your decision making. To visualise and simplify the function of ‘curse’, 5 meters of the chord was strung from the floor to the wooden ceiling beam. And verbal and non-verbal artworks were composed in the space. To play this installation, we need to use your own weight to keep the tension of the strings. The sound created vibrates your body as part of the soundscape. Jun Kawasaki, a musician and composer engaged himself with the whole installation.