A solo exhibition of The Simple Society.
September 17 – October 16, 2016
at PANTALOON(Nakatsu, Osaka)
Built by: Mathias Geoffroy
Performance: Jun Kawasaki (composer, contrabass player), Yoshinori Henguchi (poet and performance artist)
Photography: Yohey Goto

It explores the fundamental concept of ‘Curse’ through the language of ‘Design’. For that, we physicalized the process of ‘Curse’ which transforms from a Metaphysical concept into the reality and effects our decision making and recognition of the situation. We build the site-specific sound and typographic installations in the space. Jun Kawasaki played the whole installation using his body as a part of the instrument. For the closing ceremony, Yoshinori Henguchi and Miki Kadokura performed an improvisation poetry reading session which dissolves the meaning of words and dispells the curse.